Guys Trip

Nolan taking a picture of Dad taking a picture #meta

Nolan taking a picture of Dad taking a picture #meta

Now that I’ve found the truck to work on, I’ve got to go get it…  Hermiston is almost a 4 hour drive from Portland, and the truck does not run.  Fortunately, my awesome dad has a car trailer available for me to borrow.  Thinking about how to get out there, load up the truck, and haul it back, Janita suggests that I invite dad and take Nolan for a guys trip.  Yet another reason I love my wife, she is full of great ideas to bring family together.

Dad shows up nice and early, ready to roll out as usual.  I’ve learned a lot about building and moving things from my father.  The car trailer is hitched up to his Chevy, back seat is full of tie-downs and other equipment that we might need.  At the last moment I toss in my little air-compressor to make sure all the tires have enough in them to roll.

Nolan drives while Dad pushes

Nolan drives while Dad pushes

The trip out is uneventful, except the occasional stop to grab food.  My mother was thinking ahead and gave Nolan a gift card to Dutch Brothers so he could buy coffee and hot chocolate for the guys.  He was over the moon with the idea, and we made our first stop about an hour into the journey.  It was a much needed boost all around.

Once we arrive, it was pretty quick to load the truck onto the trailer. Glad that I remembered the air-compressor as the back driver’s side tire was flat.  That tire has a slow leak, and ended up being flat again by the time we got back to Portland. Nolan got to be the first to ‘drive’ the truck, as he took the wheel and the rest of us pushed.  I stood next to him with the driver’s door open so I could run the brakes.  The hydraulic brakes don’t work, but the emergency brake does.

Driving home with the truck

“Some truck keeps following us!” – Nolan

After loading the truck on the trailer, we loaded all of the extra parts. Almost another entire truck body in the back of it! Many of the pieces are in better condition, such as the doors that have the mirror post and all of the glass in perfect condition. Dad breaks out all of the tie-downs and we secure the load.

Finally on our way back home, truck in tow. We make a few stops to check the tie-downs. The rear loosened a bit as the back tire slowly deflated. Once we got back to Portland, Dad thought it a good idea to leave the truck on the trailer until I was ready to offload it. Still have some cleaning in the garage to do so it has a place to live while it’s being restored.

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