I Heart Carbs

When I purchased the Dodge, I was told that it had run fine just a few years earlier.  A few minor issues that the owner was looking into (Brakes were grabbing a bit, and it ran hot).  So I have been eager to get this running.  I mean, a moving project is a lot more fun to enjoy than a chunk of metal taking up space.

So after some finagling, I was able to get the truck to run!  Well, sort of.  I got it to start using some ether 😉 . So, first things first I started going through the fuel system.  Sitting around for a few years isn’t good for gasoline or any of the fuel system.  Having been told that the fuel pump had a hard time priming, I investigated that first.  Ended up changing the fuel filter, and everything else was alright.

So after letting the truck idle for 10-15 minutes, and checking all the important details (fluids, gauges, etc).  I shut it off to test a restart.


2 Barrel Stromberg WW Carburator

2 Barrel Stromberg WW Carburetor (Before Cleaning)

So for the next step, I decided to pull off the carburetor and rebuild it.  Another new task, and something new to learn.  It took a while to research the carburetor, a Stromberg WW 2 Barrel.

I’ve found it to be difficult to locate parts already, so I thought I was done for.  However, much to my surprise I found a rebuild kit in less than an hour of searching.  Mike’s Carburetor Parts has kits for all kinds of vehicles, including the C-3.  The kit shipped the next day, and arrived quickly.  I was very happy with the quality and completeness of the kit, and would highly recommend them!

This is where I should of taken more pictures of the rebuild, but I didn’t think that far ahead.  Needless to say, I scrubbed a lot of dirt and grease off the outside, and soaked it heavily to remove all of the varnish on the inside.

It was surprisingly easy to tear down the carb, clean it, and rebuild it again.  Cleaning was the hardest part, and the most dangerous.  Carburetor cleaner is nothing to joke with, it is some nasty chemicals that will dissolve almost anything not metal.

After reassembling and reinstalling onto the engine, success!  The fuel pump had to be re-primed, but now the Dodge will repeatedly start.  So happy to get it running, it was time to get it off the trailer.  After getting a few guys together to help push, my awesome neighbor Yani suggested driving it.  Brilliant!  So I can now say that I’ve driven the Dodge under it’s own power using my first ever rebuild carburetor!

Next up is brake work, as right now only the emergency brake is functional.

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